At easySMS Office we are doing our level best to provide you with the best features and pricing.

Our SMS Services and Bundle prices are listed here.

For credit pricing on our supported Routes, please refer to our African and Premier Route pages.


Account Setup (once off) R 99
Standard License (monthly) R 0
Advanced License (monthly) R 49
Premier License (monthly) R 99
Advanced License (annual) R 199
Premier License (annual) R 499

Sms Bundles

Price (per sms)
500 SMSR 0.35
1000 SMSR 0.33
2000 SMS R 0.32
5000 SMS R 0.31
10000 SMS R 0.29
25000 SMS R 0.27
50000 SMS R 0.26
100000 SMS R 0.25
250000 SMS +Request Quote

(Please note all prices exclude VAT)
(SMS Bundles valid for 1 year from date of purchase)